Nurturing Parenting for Families

Ask anyone who has had kids and they’ll tell you, “raising children is the most difficult, yet most important job you will ever have.” They describe parenting as challenging, rewarding, frustrating, exciting, exhausting, and some days, laugh-out-loud hilarious. Count on it!  

  • Q

    How can something so fulfilling,
    be utterly exhausting at the same time?

  • A

    Good parenting is a skill and just like
    other skills, it can be learned through
    parenting education programs.

Nurturing Parenting for Families is an evidenced-based parenting education program designed to equip parents and other caregivers with the knowledge, strategies and skills necessary to promote the growth of emotionally healthy children.

The goal of parenting education is to educate and help support parents of very young, school-aged children and teens create a successful foundation for lifestyle patterns of behavior. Programs can also be customized for guardians and foster parents.

The long term goals:

Prevent recidivism in families who have been court-ordered to social services programs.

Stop the inter-generational cycle of child abuse by teaching positive parenting behaviors.

Family Development Resources, Inc

Nurturing Parenting emphasizes the importance of:

  • Recognizing ages and stages of growth and development for infants to teens

  • Building self-worth in children of all ages

  • Praising good behavior and setting limits

  • Understanding and developing values and rules

  • Enhancing positive brain development

  • Applying alternative discipline strategies

  • Communicating with respect

  • Using positive coping strategies for stress and anger

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