Girls’ Support Group

Girl Talk (ages 7-10, 11-14 and 15 - 17)

"Growing up isn't easy." This phrase rings true to many of us because we remember being young. It wasn't easy. Young people need encouragement when they feel like they've failed or feel like they don't quite measure up to someone else's expectations. There are things in life that will always be difficult; however, life gets a little easier if we have support from others.
Girl Talk is an educational support group that provides a safe environment for girls and teenagers to ask questions and discuss issues like school, friends, self-confidence and the future.
Self-esteem and independence, healthy relationships, identifying personal strengths and boundaries, confidence, and body image are just a few of the topics to be explored. Girls are grouped together according to age in order to provide an appropriate setting for dialogue and interaction.
Teen dating violence is a major component of the program for older girls (ages 11-14 and 15-17). Recognizing abusive behaviors and identifying characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships helps open communication with others so in the future, girls don't keep dating violence a secret.
The following books are suggested and provided to attendees:
  • The Confidence Code for Girls
  • The Ultimate Book of Awesome Quotes for Girls
  • A Smart Girl's Guide (series)
  • The Body Image Workbook for Teens



Program Objectives

Teen dating violence is a major component of this program and includes the following topics.

  • Define dating violence

  • Separate myth from fact in dating violence

  • Discuss socialization of males and females

  • Recognize red flags and potential for violence

  • Define stalking and stalker profiles

  • Evaluate risk to reinforce safety strategies

  • Provide resources on where victims can seek help

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