Education empowers people to achieve independence.

Become a CLC referral partner.

Enroll your clients in job skills training, support groups or parenting education.

The CLC offers programs to non-profit organizations and social service agencies.

At the CLC we believe that education empowers people to make better choices and encourages them to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

The following programs are offered to the clients of Social Service agencies in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

We serve clients referred by:

  • Drug/Alcohol Diversion Programs
  • Domestic Violence and Homeless Shelters
  • Children, Youth and Family Service Agencies
  • Other Nonprofit Organizations
Choose Success

Choose Success is a work-related education, job skills training and career services course designed to promote independence and self-sufficiency.

Parenting for Families

Nurturing Parenting
for Families equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge, strategies and skills necessary to promote the growth of emotionally healthy children.

Girl's Support Groups

Frankly Female & Girl Talk

Girl Talk and Frankly Female takes an helps young girls and teens make better choices as they relate to staying in school, pursuing vocational/higher education, friendships, boy-friends, dating violence, unrealistic body image issues, eating disorders and addiction.